Convención y Educación Continúa Fincert (USA)

__________________________________________________________ Estados Unidos (USA) /  2019

Los cursos de educación continua de USA, son por invitación a asesores certificados, mediante envío de email.

Evento Cumbre: 25-26-27 marzo de 2019 / Denver, Colorado
16 horas Educación Continua

The Annual Conference on Financial Education provides professional development opportunities for individuals who work with financial literacy education. In addition to being a critical networking event for financial educators, the Conference offers attendees the opportunity to learn about current trends, develop funding strategies and advance the cause of financial education. 

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Who Should Attend?
  • Financial Educators
  • Credit Counselors
  • Housing Counselors
  • Community Based Organizers
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Government Officials and Staff
  • Financial Aid Officers
  • Faith Based Representatives
  • Social Workers
  • Researchers
  • Others Committed to Providing Financial Education

     EVENTO DEL 2019 - Denver, Colorado
    Embassy Suites Denver Downtown


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